Game Departments

Board & Card Games

Strategicon is pleased to bring you a great selection of Boardgames. Boardgames come in a huge variety, from light family games, and Eurogames, to strategy games, historical simulations, and much more! Boardgames are very social, so you're guaranteed to meet people and make new friends. We offer events for a fun pick-up game feel and, for those with competitive streaks, intense tournament action. You're sure to find a boardgame that suits your play style, and our staff is ready to assist you. Boardgames are one of the oldest pastimes, so come be a part of history and join the fun!

REMEMBER that the order people get to play a game is: (1) People who bring a copy of the game, (2) people who have pre-registered online, and (3) people who signed up at Boardgames HQ. We will try to get everyone into a game, but the # of games brought will limit this.

If you have any questions about the Boardgames & Card Games Department, please contact:
Supervisor of Board Games, Shane Sauby

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Collectible Card & Collectible Miniature Games

These types of games are relatively new and are every bit as popular as older games. Everything from fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes to historical and horror are presented.

Collectible miniatures include various games that deal with collecting plastic prepainted miniatures and playing them on mapboards. Collectible miniatures include Heroclix, Mechawarrior, Pirates, and Star Wars, among others.

Tradable Card Games are generally easy to play, but are not always easy to master. They offer a degree of creativity and strategy unique to this genre. You build a deck from a variety of cards available to each game and hope that your deck has the edge to win! Anachronism, Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Universal Fighting System, Warlord, and Yu-Gi-Oh! are just a sampling of the many card games available for play.

Strategicon strives to bring you many different games to enjoy.

If you have any questions regarding Collectible Game events, please contact:
Supervisor of Collectible Games, Brandon Weiss

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LARPs - Live Action Roleplaying Games

Roleplaying games let you play a character. Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) games let you BE the character. LARPs give you a chance to dress-up in costumes and interact with other people in a story that has more in common with acting, and is much more physical. Body language is just as important a tool in LARPs as speaking. Improvisation and creativity flow with ease in a LARP. Besides, who wouldn't want to be a vampire or something else for an evening of intrigue, drama, suspense, and action? Ham it up or be serious, it's all up to you. Strategicon offers a variety of LARPs ranging from murder mysteries to modern horror, with vampires, werewolves, and much more! If you've never played in a LARP, they are very accessible and easy to learn and get involved in.

If you have any questions regarding LARP events, please contact:
Supervisor of LARPs, Tara Leederman

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Miniatures Games

If you want to see an explosion of wonderful sights, visit the Strategicon Convention's Miniatures Room. All around you will see a visual smorgasbord of amazing things. One area might have a titanic battle between two forces of robots fighting it out on a blasted land, while another might have a heroic struggle between U.S. Army soldiers holding out against all odds in a French town, fighting off the elite of the German Army. Everything from science fiction and fantasy to Napoleonics, Ancients, and American Civil War can be found in the Miniatures Room. Miniature gaming is as much entertainment as it is a hobby. Painting, sculpting, building, modeling, and much more come into play when you take up this challenging and rewarding endeavor.

If you have any questions regarding Miniatures events, please contact:
Supervisors of Miniatures, Frank Vassallo and Mike James

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RPGs - Roleplaying Games

Roleplaying Games fire your imagination. They let you be a superhero, a knight, a spy, an intrepid investigator, or anything else. Each roleplaying game has a gamemaster and some players. The gamemaster is the storyteller and the players are the characters in the fascinating tale that will unwind as they play. As the story unfolds, the actions and events that take place fall mainly upon the characters to resolve. Will the monster be defeated? Will the dastardly villain's plans be thwarted? Can the secret plans be found before time runs out? Strategicon has a great staff of volunteers and gifted gamemasters ready to put you in the driver's seat and let your imagination run wild!

If you have any questions regarding RPG events, please contact:
Supervisor of RPGs - Jim Sandoval
Pathfinder Society - Jon Merriex
Adventures League - Mickey Tan

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Video Games

Every convention there is a chance for something new to happen. Stop by and check us out!

We have PC's, PS2, Xbox, and Wii-U consoles and games to go with them. Come see what we have this convention.

Scheduled events vary from one convention to another. Recent tournaments included Hearthstone, Injustice 2, Mario Kart, Overwatch and Rocket League.

See the event schedule for days and times of specific events. Most tournaments last one to two hours. Awards will be given only for tournaments having sufficient participation, so bring your friends.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding video game events, please contact:
Supervisor of Video Games, Jason DuVall

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