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Orccon 2018 Special Events


Catan United States Championship

Three games each qualifier on Friday and Saturday with a two game finals on Sunday. The top 8 players from each qualifier will advance to the Finals on Sunday. There is an additional $10 fee for this event. Final winner will be sent to the Catan United States Championship (CUSC) at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

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How to Write For Games

Featuring John Compton, Organized Play Lead Developer of Paizo Publishing, author Gabrielle Harbowy and additional surprise guests, this panel will explore tips and tricks for writing better games as well as how to get started professionally. The event will include a raffle to play in an early-access Starfinder RPG Adventure written and game mastered by John Compton! Refreshments will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

The panel will take place Saturday at 1:00 p.m. in the Carmel room.


Rifts: Living Campaign - Savage Worlds

Rifts is a science fiction fantasy game in a post-apocalyptic setting in which technology and science co-exist and clash with magic and psychic power. The Rifts Living campaign is a shared campaign setting with a codified set of rules. Experience the Megaverse as a Robotech Pilot, Pacific Rim Gladiator, Giant Godzilla Spawn, Jedi Knight, Magic Wielding Warrior or some combination thereof and fight ruthless villains! Don’t hesitate– all known realities are counting on you!

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Commanderin' MTG Podcast

Phil DeLuca and his Commanderin’ Magic: the Gathering podcast want to bring the Commander format to Orccon. This special multi-part event will use community-developed rules. Join in and see the appeal of the Commander format!

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Tournament, a Film by Patricia DiSalvo Viayra

Tournament is a Little Big film about a group of nerdy friends that become an unlikely family. They gather for an epic trading card game in their local game shop. When a smart and beautiful outsider joins the group, friendships are tested and everything turns upside down. Snacks and soda available. Meet some of the stars!

Screenings will take place on Saturday and Sunday at 4:00 p.m. in room #1635.


Happy Jacks RPG Podcast

Happy Jacks RPG Podcast is a passionate, irreverent roundtable discussion of the tabletop roleplaying hobby. At conventions, the hosts open up the mics to the audience to talk about their gaming experiences at the conventions and discuss ways to improve their experience at the table. Share your gaming experiences, ask questions, make demands.

Happy Jacks: Live from Orccon 2018 will take place Saturday at 8:00 p.m. in the Carmel room.



Warhammer 40K is back in a big way! Bring your 2000-point army for Independent Tournament Circuit play at Orccon! Standard ITC rules will be used. 3 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday will be played using ITC Scenarios. Please bring 2 copies of your army list to the event. Email questions to evil5757@aol.com.

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Team Yankee - World War III

Two day tournament, 3 rounds Saturday, 2 on Sunday. 70 point armies on Saturday, 85 points on Sunday. Please contact the game master at troyphoto7@gmail.com to receive instructions on how to register for this event.

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Team Yankee - World War III

GameCraft Miniatures will be providing prize support for special Bolt Action and Hail Caesar tournaments at Orccon 2018– they secured awesome prizes directly from Warlord Games! If you have not signed up for these events yet, do not delay. Don’t forget to stop by GameCraft’s booth in the Dealer Room for all your Bolt Action and Hail Caesar miniatures, terrain, rules and accessories needs.

Repeating But Unique Events

Miniature Boot Camp

Boot Camp

We are hosting a number of miniature game demos. Many of the hottest and newest will be showcased. Daily from 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday!

Come by for some short and quick demonstrations of these miniature games. Miniatures are provided.

List of scheduled miniatures demos

Family Area

Family Track and Area

We are happy to announce that we have an area set aside for family games on the 2nd floor in the Foyer before Video Games and Collectibles. There will be a number of games and puzzles for families and younger players to play. Also, some of our Kids and Family events are scheduled in the area. Come and check us out.

Scheduled Kids Only Events

Scheduled Family Events

Note: Not all Kids Only or Family Events are scheduled for the Family Area. Please check with the appropriate department for event location.

Paint and Take

Strategicon Paint and Take

Located at the edge of Miniatures in International Ballroom A, Paint and Take is a place to sit, wind down and learn about miniature figurine painting from our great staff! A number of generous sponsors (GMI, Games Workshop, Reaper, etc.) have provided miniatures and paint, but feel free to bring your own minis. All levels are welcome, from absolute beginner to expert.

Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday and Monday MEGA Tournaments

Saturday Night MEGA: Splendor 10 pm

Monday Morning MEGA: 7 Wonders 9 am

Demo Sessions

Come learn the latest games at the Game Library! New titles from publishers like Rio Grande, Queen, Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, Gamewright, Mayday Games and more will be explained to new players looking to try them out.

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