Strategicon Game Auction

Begins Monday, 11 am in the Carmel room, (2nd floor)

More than 200 items are sold each convention. Don't miss your chance to find incredible values at the Southern California Gaming Experience.

Buyer tabs (similar to bar tabs) are available for a $50 nonrefundable deposit against purchases. This gives you the convenience of paying for your bids after the auction ends, instead of having to pay immediately for each lot that you win.

Auction lot slips are available for $2 per lot at the convention registration desk, from Saturday at 10 am until Monday at 10 am. Maximum lots per seller is 10 per day, and due to times constraints, there are only 200 lots available per auction. The auction charges a 10% commission per lot ($50 maximum), but the lot fee is counted towards the commission. Auction items must remain in your possession until 10 am Monday at which point they may be dropped off in the Carmel room with the auction slip.

If you wish to sell anything at the convention, you must have a valid badge on the day of the sale and must purchase either a dealer table, a flea market table, or sell your items in the Game Auction. All unauthorized sellers will be removed from the convention without a refund.

Please consult the Program Guide for detailed convention rules.

Effective Gateway 2023: We no longer accept Reserve Prices on auction items.