Strategicon Mask and Vaccine Policy

Due to rising COVID-19 numbers and the prevalence of new variants, as well as the reimplementation of mask mandates in Los Angeles County, Strategicon has elected to require both vaccination for all eligible individuals and masking across the convention, regardless of vaccination status. This page’s goal is to provide attendees with an overview and details of this policy, how to make sure attendees and volunteers are in compliance with the policy before the convention, and provide details on the enforcement of these policies.

Vaccine Eligibility: Currently, there are three vaccines approved for emergency use against COVID-19 in the United States. At this time, vaccines are only available to individuals twelve and older, meaning that children under the age of twelve are currently ineligible for vaccination. In addition, some individuals may have been declared ineligible by their supervising physician. Strategicon recognizes all individuals over the age of twelve without a doctor-provided medical exemption as eligible for vaccination. Proof of vaccine ineligibility and a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the convention will be required for unvaccinated adults. Proof of age and a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the convention will be required for children under the age of twelve.

If your child turns twelve between now and the time of the convention, they will likely not have time to get into compliance and will be considered ineligible for vaccination. If your child has already turned twelve as of July 25, 2021, they will be considered eligible for vaccination.

Strategicon will not be accepting vaccine exemptions on the basis of religious or personal belief, and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who refuses to comply with our policies.

Compliance: Two of the three available vaccines in the United States are two-dose vaccines. If you’re planning to come to Strategicon, are eligible to get vaccinated, and have not yet got your first dose, begin scheduling your doses so that you will be out of your exclusion period (about two weeks after the second dose) by the time of the convention’s start.

Vaccine Ineligibility: Medical exemptions for those twelve and older are provided by physician’s notes. If you need a medical exemption to the vaccine requirement, please contact

Vaccine Enforcement: We will be asking all attendees (and guardians of underage attendees) to sign an attestation that they have been vaccinated.

For all attendees and volunteers vaccinated in California, we are going to be using the new California vaccination verification system and rolling out a special raffle ticket program for all attendees who connect their QR code and positive vaccination status with their badge. The raffle ticket can be used for prizes in the Vendor Hall. If you were vaccinated out-of-state, please contact We may be able to use a different state’s verification system, or we may be able to verify the information on your CDC-issued card.

Testing: Ineligible individuals will need to take a COVID test and show a negative result within 72 hours of the beginning of the convention. Tests will need to be an approved testing method in the state of California. Attendees who are marked ineligible for vaccination will need to show their negative test result at the registration desk when picking up their badge (guardians will need to show negative test results for their children who are under twelve years old). Strategicon will not be databasing any medical information beyond eligible/ineligible and vaccinated/unvaccinated status for the purposes of badge registration, and is not a covered entity under HIPAA restrictions. Strategicon will not share your vaccination or eligibility status with any other entity.

If you have any questions about eligible tests or how to confirm your negative test with Strategicon prior to arrival, please contact

Mask Mandate: As of July 25, 2021, Los Angeles County has a blanket indoor mask mandate that applies to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated, regardless of age. At Gateway 2021, we will be enforcing this mask mandate in all convention spaces. The mask mandate currently states that eating and drinking must be done in designated areas. It is important to us that attendees remain hydrated, so we will ask that, while eating should be done in the cafe/lobby/bar area of the hotel or out at eateries, attendees continue to drink water as necessary and to please minimize as much as possible the amount of time their mask is off their mouth and nose.