Strategicon Mask and Vaccine Policy

(Updated as of 20 April 2023 for Gamex 2023)

Due to the declared end of the COVID-19 public health emergency and falling infection numbers, Strategicon has moved to end its COVID Check station and provide only recommendations and best practices to attendees, staff, and volunteers. This page’s goal is to provide attendees with an overview and details of best practices before attending the convention, in order to best keep themselves safe.

Vaccine Eligibility: Currently, there are four vaccines approved for emergency use against COVID-19 in the United States. At this time, vaccines are available to all individuals six months and older, barring those individuals who may have been declared ineligible by their supervising physician. Strategicon recommends all eligible individuals receive full vaccination and the latest available variant booster before attending the convention.

Vaccine Enforcement: There will be no enforcement of vaccination status at Strategicon for the upcoming show.

Testing: Testing remains available via home tests and lab tests. Strategicon recommends staff, attendees, and volunteers take a home test before arrival at the convention, in order to keep fellow attendees and volunteers safe.

Mask Mandate: There will be no mask mandate at the upcoming show. For those who are immunocompromised, Strategicon recommend that individuals wear a mask with N95 protection while in indoor spaces in order to keep themselves safe.

Individual Departments: Strategicon strongly recommends that staff and volunteers remain current on vaccinations, continue to recommend and check vaccination status with volunteers, and ask that volunteers test before and after convention, especially when volunteers are sleeping in shared hotel rooms. This recommendation represents best practices based on CDC and CDPH guidelines, and all departments may have their own policy and enforcement practices regarding COVID-19 risk mitigation. For more information, please visit