Gateway 2020 Special Events

Power Grid World Tour

Power Grid World Tour

The Annual Power Grid World Tour continues with Gamex 2020. Four days. Four maps. And in the end, one World Tour Champion. Come test your Power Grid skills against the best players at Strategicon.

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Macaron Tournament


From Sunrise Tornado (the makers of Cat Rescue, Cat Sudoku, and Cleocatra) we introduce Macaron! Macaron is a to 5 player trick-taking game. In the game, players are French pâtissiers preparing Macaron gift baskets for the royal family and guests. It will be launching on Kickstarter around the time of Gateway 2020 and we have a Strategicon Tournement to celebrate its launch. Everyone is welcome to join! Not familiar with the game? Preregister for one of the Macaron 101 games. We have games available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the same weekend! We are working on partnering with both Facebook and Twitch streamers to share the love of french pastries and card games to all.

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