Gamex 2024 Guests

Sidney Icarus


Sidney Icarus (they/them) is a consulting systems designer across digital, analogue, and applied games. Over the past 15 years, Sidney has delivered experiences to the Royal Australian Air Force, pre-hospital and emergency healthcare, and communities adapting to climate change. Sidney is the recipient of the 2023 Australian Role-Playing Industry Awards (ARPIA) Game of the Year for “Decaying Orbit”: An aphantasic game in which players share a fractured artificial intelligence. When Sidney is not designing or playing games, they can be found lounging with a pour-over coffee and their cat, Radar.

Kimi Hughes


Kimi (she/her) is the owner and lead designer at Golden Lasso games. Her first published game, Decuma, raised nearly $55,000 on Kickstarter and won a gold ENnie in 2023. She was chosen for the prestigious Game Manufacturers Association’s Horizons Fellowship. She currently serves as co-chair of the GAMA Pathways Committee, which facilitates financial support of game designers of diverse backgrounds, and is a member of the GAMA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

Kimi also runs the Happy Jacks RPG Network of streams and podcasts, producing and hosting a top 200 “games” podcast and dozens of successful actual plays in as many tabletop RPG systems. Her gamemastering and actual play performances have won numerous awards at festivals worldwide. She will forever be grateful for the enthusiastic Happy Jacks community who support all of her design and game publication endeavors.

  • Gold ENnie 2023
  • Horizon Fellowship 2023
  • Finalist: Best GM - New Jersey Web Fest 2023
  • Winner: Best Actual Play - Sydney Web Fest 2023

Frank Zazanis


Frank Zazanis has loved board games and RPG'S all of his life. He loves them so much he made them part of his vocation over the past 25 years as a game designer, playtest lead , developer, game store manager, and even as a publisher.

Some of the games in his resume are Kings Ransom, Journey Stones, If Only I Had, Dice and Daggers, Project Mars, The Hunt, Gem Rush, And many many more.. This con he is relaunching deluxe versions of Two of his games and launching Two new board Games, A Reverse RPG, and a Miniatures game.

Come see him in the dealer room to see exactly what they are. Ooooh a mystery Speaking of mysteries - Frank also makes a living as professional magician and will be doing special shows this weekend that involve RPGs, Geek Culture, Games and side splitting comedy with some amazing illusions... Come See His 2 Shows - 17th Level Bard 3rd Level Wizard (parlor style magic )and Bardic Inspiration (close up style magic).

Tuck Davion


"The Driving Force" behind the YouTube series Battle Bound, Tuck Davion has spent a good chunk of the last 5 years traveling the country and playing Battletech. His travels have led him to join "The Mechnificent Seven", in conjunction with Six Sides of Gaming and Focht's News, where he can be seen from time to time on their "Friday Night Aces" livestreams. Battle Bound continues to grow, showcasing Battletech players of all types, and will continue to provide these players with the resources, knowledge, and confidence they need. Strap yourselves in, we'll be coming in hot!"